API Monitoring

Measure and understand
your API performance

Discover issues directly from the internal and third-party APIs that power your apps and infrastructure.

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API Monitoring Feature

How API Monitoring helps your work

  • API Management

    API & Test Case Catalog

    Create, import, and manage your API & Test Case. Get real time API insights all in one place.

    API ManagementAPI Management
  • Dashboard

    Monitor your APIs Efficiently

    Overview of the daily summary report for all APIs. This can be filtered according to your needs such as team, date, and many more.

  • API Details

    Get information on your API

    Make the most of your API data to gain insights into your API performance. Hence, you can identify, solve, and prevent any issues before they reach your customers.

    API DetailsAPI Details
  • Alert

    Stay notified about any API issues

    Stay alert! You will always be the first to be notified if something goes wrong.


Loved by engineers

Budiyanto Harliwong

Budiyanto Harliwong

CTO, Bridestory

API Monitoring is an indispensable part of our applications. The ability to monitor and test our API with intended flow has highly reduce our regression issues!

Ryan Hidayat

Ryan Hidayat

Engineering Manager, Tokopedia

Ease of use and immediate notification from the alert system help us to maintain trust from our customers.

Arief Aprilianto

Arief Aprilianto

Principal Engineer, Tokopedia

Dekara API Monitoring helps us to protect company from revenue losses and critical business disruptions by checking healthy, uptime and performance of our endpoints at periodic intervals.

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